Omslagsbild, Nelson Mandela - The Shepherd Boy who became President
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Nelson Mandela - The Shepherd Boy who became President

av Gunilla Lundgren, Kerstin Gidfors

In 1918 a boy was born in a hut in a little village in South Africa. Half a century later the whole world will know him as Nelson Mandela, the leader of the ANC. He became the first in a family of thirteen to go to school.

Nelson became a lawyer and fought against the oppression in South Africa. He became his country's first freely elected president.

The drawings in this book are made by children from the village where Nelson Mandela grew up.

The book is also available in Swedish: Herdepojken som blev president.

Illustrated with childrens drawings and black and white photos.


Författare: Gunilla Lundgren, Kerstin Gidfors

Nivå: 3 - Lätt
Genre: Biografier, Historia
ISBN: 9789189451056
Utgivningsår: 2000-02-25

Bindningstyp: Inbunden
Antal sidor: 128
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Although Nelson Mandela was 30 years old
he wasn't allowed to vote because he was African.

Nelson was very angry.
The Africans were the largest ethnic group in South Africa.'
Why should they have less rights than white people?
Why should they live in special homelands,
where there was poverty and the soil was poor.
Why did they live in simple shacks, attend poor schools
and have to travel in old buses?
Why did Africans need passes in their own country?
Nelson Mandela - The Shepherd Boy who became President

Nelson Mandela - The Shepherd Boy who became President